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There is NO EXCUSE today to be caught off guard by weather.

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Sledding Weather can vary in the winter. I know because of the thousands of hours spent in my youth perfecting the art of sledding. The Olympic Bobsled team couldn't keep up to me and my buddies. The memories sledding are locked into my now middle aged mind and even typing I smile thinking of those glorious times. Probably why I became a Meteorologist! This service is to find those weather conditions before you hit your favorite sledding hill. Type in the zip code of the hill and get current weather conditions or a weather forecast for the next 16 days! Find the weather for sledding today, tomorrow, this weekend, next weekend, a 10 day weather forecast, or a 15 day weather forecast. Forecasts are good for any location in the United States.

Find out how long the snow will be around on that favorite sledding hill. For some it'll be only a day for others you'll have a month of great sledding conditions.

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Copy and paste the code in the box or having your webmaster do it.

Sledding can be enourmous fun for any family. Snow brings a smile to any kid or adult. Just remember to check the Sledding Weather Index to dress warm in the cold of winter.